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Illustration Friday–Fearless

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The stranger stood inert like some kind of giant mushroom.  All around it the earth was barren and dry, maybe from its arrival, maybe because of the nails, or pipes, or roots, it had inserted into the ground.   The people were going to avoid it, and hope that it would die off.   More than a few thought of burning it.  But then some kid walked up to it, and did a funny thing: he held out his hand.  What happened next would change the world.

All images © Eric Battaglia 2010

Odjits in Hawaii II

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The Odjits were in Hawaii the past two weeks.  The survivors have recently returned home.

All images © Eric Battaglia 2010

IF – Propagate

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It doesn’t take much to spread the seeds of discontent.  Sometimes just the right little nudge, sometimes nothing more than a breath.

For Illustration Friday.  You can’t see it well here, but the breath was done in silver ink.  I love using silver wherever I can.

All images © Eric Battaglia 2009

Odjit Wednesday: Happy V-Day!

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The First Killss

Goat-ape beast

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Here’s a blend between goats and ape. Yet another hybrid from the arbortoreum.



Living in the deepest part of the Arbortoreum, the goat-ape is mild-mannered and omnivorous. They are especially fond of bone-marrow.