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The More Than I Can Chew Department

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Well, I’m back from my unannounced vacation.  July’s been a busy month for me.  And, despite not having posted any regular drawings in weeks (when I’d been planning this Odjit thing to be a weekly recurrence, I’ve taken on another project.  I’ve signed on for the Sketchbook Project for 2011.  So, I need to get my Moleskine filled out by the end of the year.

Note: this does not mean I am giving up on the Odjit project, because I do want to put all these little cartoons together into a book in 2011.  I’ve also got a number of other projects to do for some upcoming events this fall.  So, it’s back on track from here on out.


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All images © Eric Battaglia 2010


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This is a scratchboard piece I just did for Illustration Friday.  The theme was “Adrift.”  As I drew, I started to develop a story around this situation.  I might try to expand it to a short graphic story.  I have plenty of scratchboard.

All images © Eric Battaglia 2009

Odjit Wednesday–Stay Warm!

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Stay Warm!

Mandy thinks these are horrible.  She’s disturbed at how much delight I take in drawing the Odjits and their, well, odd behavior.  Do I really need to say that these critters are not exactly role models?

All images © Eric Battaglia 2009

Illustration Friday: Wilderness

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Another Illustration Friday piece.  I’m trying to participate in this to keep my mind in art mode when I’m not at work.  The actual piece I wanted to do for this one couldn’t be finished in time, but I do intend to complete it.  This is a sketch I did over the weekend, while in Wisconsin for a relaxing mini-vacation.

All images © Eric Battaglia 2009

The Koalabat cometh

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What can I say?  The wings are an example of the dangers of crosshatch addiction.  Yes, they are crosshatched in.  I do, in fact, understand that there are mediums which can fill in dark spaces much more efficiently, but I prefer doing things the painful way.


All images © Eric Battaglia 2009

Goat-ape beast

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Here’s a blend between goats and ape. Yet another hybrid from the arbortoreum.



Living in the deepest part of the Arbortoreum, the goat-ape is mild-mannered and omnivorous. They are especially fond of bone-marrow.