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Devil and the Halloween Party

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Sketch of devil stuck in doorway by his horns.

The devil tried to crash the Halloween party, but had a little trouble getting through the door.

Just a little sketch I worked up, toying with some other ideas.
Happy Halloween!

Clumsy-Illustration Friday

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woodburn and painting on wood


In the beginning, there was no evil, but for a jar that Deity kept locked up in a cupboard, leftover from a previous experiment with another universe.  To keep His new project from being tainted, He called upon one of his angels to take the jar out of the studio, far far away.  Only his weakest and ugliest runt showed up.  Deity sighed, and gave him the jar.  “Take care with this, and remove it to a location far away.”

The crooked angel almost made it to the edge of the world, before the jar simply slipped from his hands and shattered on the ground, allowing evil to scatter to the ends of the earth and there flourish.  And so, Deity shrugged his shoulders and started on a new project.  The poor malformed angel was given the world to do with as he wished.

This is a WIP I started for Illustration Friday.  I’ve been wanting to pursue woodburning as an element in my work, hoping to find a balance between the woodburned elements, and those using paint or ink.  So far, seems way off balance.  I also used my new Dremel for the bird’s outline.  Weee fun.

A little personal project

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I found an old mail sorter in the local Goodwill that I made a few modifications to:

Scorched wood policy

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My very first woodburn.  I decided I really wanted to try this out, but didn’t want to go for the expense of a whole kit.  So, I bought a cheap woodburning pen from Michael’s.  It’s made by Walnut Hollow, the same company that cuts my wood plaques.  Wow, and I just realized how evocative of country kitsch these materials are, nonetheless I’ve got some very cool and non-traditional ideas in store.  Just you wait.  And I intend to use reclaimed and rescued wood wherever I can, even if only prepared panels that someone else didn’t want (I’ve got enough of those for a few projects  yet).