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Zines are still kicking

Posted in illustrated books, writing with tags , , , , , , , on March 13, 2010 by scratchyb

Missed my self-imposed deadline for the Odjit cartoon last week. It’s almost done, and will be up soon.

Meanwhile, this afternoon I stopped by the Chicago zine fest.  It’s interesting because I used to make zines in the 90’s, and was also involved in a local independent “newspaper”.  I briefly thought about getting back into it, since I loved the independence  of creating and designing my own little books.  But the scene was filled with what amounted to photocopied diaries, and by 2004, I was certain that blogs had killed the zine format.  So I went to this event hoping to see some interesting, innovative things that you can’t do online.  And I did, at first.  But then I looked at the other tables, and it was like I was right back there in 1995.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  Maybe it’s my age, but what I’d like to see is an independent book movement, something that focuses on quality handmade work, and not just some arbitrary value placed on a photocopy just because the original was pasted together with loving care.

Not to end on a negative note, there were some very cool artists there.  I picked up a couple of cool comics by Will Dinsky (one with Japanese binding–put the stapler away), saw some great artwork by whoever the hell brosef stallin’ is, and spotted a few other people doing great work in keeping this medium alive.

What’s everyone else doing?

Posted in Art, Process, Technique with tags , , , , , , on April 14, 2009 by scratchyb

I’ve taken this week off work, mainly to catch up on some projects (shockingly, I don’t make art for a living, its just a hobby) and procrastinate on said projects.  I’ve also been sick, though, so yesterday was a waste of a day, sleeping, drinking fluids, and reading.  Today was far more productive.  I’ve done the underdrawings for about 4 out of the 13 demons I intend to draw as part of the Old Scratch “13 Demons and 13 Devils” series that I hope to integrate into a book.   Nothing ready to post yet.

I haven’t forgotten my centipede print project either.  But right now I’m low on printing ink, and just waiting to be well enough to venture out and get some supplies.

On to procrastination: today I ran into a couple of cool posts on Drawn! about the tools and workspaces that other artists use.  Since I never went to art school, I’m forever keeping a lookout for materials papers, and brands that various artists and illustrators use, especially those that may not be obvious to me.  Likewise, it’s nice to see how other people arrange their art spaces.

The Tools Artists Use is a series of interviews by Jenny Vorwaller regarding, um, well the tools that artists use.  The Drawn! post about creative workspaces has multiple links that also have multiple links that should keep you busy for the next half hour.  For me, it’s back to work.