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I’m thinking of taking up pyrography, since I’ve been planning to start using wood as a support for my artwork. As my “Creatures of the Arboretarium” series shows, I’ve already begun to appreciate the unique background that wood provides to a drawing. The only obstacle I can think of is, the reproductions, should I decide to make any, won’t be as crisp and nice as they would be on paper. The natural grain that makes wood such a good medium also tends to muck up a print, at least in my opinion.

If I can find an inexpensive kit, I may try it soon. I’ve got an idea that I think would really work well with this medium and a bit of watercolor or thinned out acrylic. I think this is one of those mediums that has a bad image, because of all those “Bless this House” plaques. Maybe if I started doing some “Damn Your Eyes” plaques . . .

What’s everyone else doing?

Posted in Art, Process, Technique with tags , , , , , , on April 14, 2009 by scratchyb

I’ve taken this week off work, mainly to catch up on some projects (shockingly, I don’t make art for a living, its just a hobby) and procrastinate on said projects.  I’ve also been sick, though, so yesterday was a waste of a day, sleeping, drinking fluids, and reading.  Today was far more productive.  I’ve done the underdrawings for about 4 out of the 13 demons I intend to draw as part of the Old Scratch “13 Demons and 13 Devils” series that I hope to integrate into a book.   Nothing ready to post yet.

I haven’t forgotten my centipede print project either.  But right now I’m low on printing ink, and just waiting to be well enough to venture out and get some supplies.

On to procrastination: today I ran into a couple of cool posts on Drawn! about the tools and workspaces that other artists use.  Since I never went to art school, I’m forever keeping a lookout for materials papers, and brands that various artists and illustrators use, especially those that may not be obvious to me.  Likewise, it’s nice to see how other people arrange their art spaces.

The Tools Artists Use is a series of interviews by Jenny Vorwaller regarding, um, well the tools that artists use.  The Drawn! post about creative workspaces has multiple links that also have multiple links that should keep you busy for the next half hour.  For me, it’s back to work.

Books about Printmaking

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I’m a sucker for books about printmaking, even though, realistically, I’ve only been practicing a very basic form of hand-pulled relief prints.  So naturally, I have to recommend The Printmaking Bible, by Ann d’Arcy Hughes and Hebe Vernon-Morris.  Yes, it’s got a hefty cover price, but it’s worth taking a look at if you can find it at your local library, or if you have the means to buy.  I love reading about the process of all types of printing, from lithography to intaglio and relief printing, and I love seeing the results.  This gives you both, and from a contemporary fine-art point of view rather than a “look at the pretty curtains I printed” crafty attitude that’s all too common with how-to books and web postings.  Now if only someone would write a book for self-imposed outside artists, I’m golden.  The one problem with flipping through The Printmaking Bible was that I wanted to take printmaking classes that I don’t have time for and buy equipment that I can’t quite afford.

In case anyone’s been keeping track, I’m still only on number four of the mixed animal series.  That’s pretty far short of my original goal, but I’m sure as hell not counting.  I’ve got a few more definite, must-draw beasties, and then I think I’ll call it quits and look for a show to hitch these things to.  I can’t wait to get to my next idea, something more appropriate: 13 devils and 13 demons.