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A couple of Christmas presents

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A few things I made for presents this year:

A wood burned, African-themed box.

The tree from Alice.


All images © Eric Battaglia 2010

Creepy Holiday Greetings

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Okay, I like my creepiness, especially around the traditionally goodie goodie holidays.  So imagine my joy when I saw these on i09, one of my favorite blogs

Odjit Wednesday

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All images © Eric Battaglia 2010

Odjits in Hawaii

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All images © Eric Battaglia 2009

2010 off to a rocky start

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Clogged sinks and downed servers have thrown me off my New Year rails.  I’ll have to resume at full speed ahead when all the other stuff is over and done with.

Dream Drawings II

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Here’s another couple of dream drawings. I have to say, it’s refreshing to be able to do stuff like this and gag that inner critic that’s been nagging me all my life.


Building a body of work

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I’ve been working on a number of things lately, trying to get a body of work together.  Torn between some illustrated book projects and having a drawing-a-day format with a relatively consistent body of work in terms of style and medium.  But I can’t get committed to anything just yet.  I even forgot about Drawing Day 2009.

On building presses

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I’m interested in building my own printing press, which probably won’t go any further than that because I have all the power-tool talent of a chimpanzee.  Anything other than light drilling would inevitably lead to a trip to the hospital and a post later on explaining why I would have to give up my art aspirations, as I now have ten toes and two thumbs.  But still, one can look, and I like the letterpress project I found the other day on BoingBoing.  Anyway, new ideas and all, but realistically, I’ll probably stick to printing by hand, and take an official letterpress class somewhere sometime.  Still, it seems like a good fit with some of the project ideas I’ve been having lately.

A Thousand Black Cats

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Old Scratch is contemplating the practice of sending a thousand black cats to torment those who annoy him.  They could eat the living entrails of the offender while smashing their plasma TV.

Aside from that, Old Scratch wonders if Rate My Drawings is worth exploring.

Goat-ape beast

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Here’s a blend between goats and ape. Yet another hybrid from the arbortoreum.



Living in the deepest part of the Arbortoreum, the goat-ape is mild-mannered and omnivorous. They are especially fond of bone-marrow.