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“While it is warm, troll-wool is terribly scratchy and uncomfortable, as anyone who has brushed up against a troll’s pelt would know.  Of course, they wouldn’t share that knowledge, because most people who came that close to a troll simply didn’t come back.  Sven’s mother had told him to always show his appreciation, and common sense told him not to offend Grandma Troll.  So he thanked her for the new, somewhat ill-fitting sweater she had knit him from the very wool off her arms.  Then he stood very still so as not to irritate his skin any further.”

From “Grandma Troll,” an imaginary fairy tale.

Illustration Friday’s theme this week was “sweater”.  I did have in mind a monster and boy, with a sweater knit from the monster’s fur. It turned into this troll idea after I thought of making the monster a grandmother, and the story fell into place in my head as I was drawing.  It’s possible this could turn into a full-fledged picture book.


© Eric Battaglia 2011

Illustration Friday–Reverse

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watercolor and pen and ink drawing of tree

The latest for Illustration Friday.  The theme is “Reverse.”

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Scratchboard illustration

“He would not respond, but only stood there, unmoving. In the dark, he didn’t even look substantial, just little more than tiny particles, dust motes floating together in his shape. Sylvia fancied that if she approached him, and reached out her hand to touch him, he would simply fly apart, and she’d be left with nothing but a dusty pile.”

–From “Inherit the Dust” by Dorian Grimwater.

A note on the above quote. Dorian Grimwater is a famous author of several puzzling (literally) books in his home country. Most of his books offer clues to the whereabouts of multiple stolen treasures. Needless to say, he is wanted by authorities, and his books are bestsellers if only because of the multiple attempts at uncovering the valuables. Dorian’s books come to us only in pieces, and entirely by a fluke, as his home country resides in an alternate universe.

All images © Eric Battaglia 2011

Illustration Friday–Chicken

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Watercolor illustration of a chicken and eggs.

For Illustration Friday 1/14, the topic was “chicken”. I did this in watercolor and ink, and then I scanned it and fixed as many of the more glaring mistakes as I could in Photoshop. I’m not big on actually composing an illustration digitally, mainly because I can’t afford the right tools and simply spend way too many hours staring at a screen to devote any further time than I have to. Still, it comes in handy for little things like thickening the lines bordering the egg whites and yolk.

All images © Eric Battaglia 2011


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Cheating here, this is actually an old concept sketch I did for what was going to be a relief block print.  The end result was just way too complicated for linoleum, the material I used when I was doing that kind of work.  But the Illustration Friday topic for this week was “Equipment”, and I couldn’t resist bringing this out of the drawer.

All images © Eric Battaglia 2010

Illustration Friday–Fearless

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The stranger stood inert like some kind of giant mushroom.  All around it the earth was barren and dry, maybe from its arrival, maybe because of the nails, or pipes, or roots, it had inserted into the ground.   The people were going to avoid it, and hope that it would die off.   More than a few thought of burning it.  But then some kid walked up to it, and did a funny thing: he held out his hand.  What happened next would change the world.

All images © Eric Battaglia 2010

Illustration Friday–Cocoon

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All images © Eric Battaglia 2010

Illustration Friday–Ahead

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Though the path has been long and rough, and the way forward doesn’t look promising either, the gnome wizard forges ahead.

I laid the color down on a pencil sketch in watercolor (technically, watercolor pencils) and then added the pen and marker details.

All images © Eric Battaglia 2010

Illustration Friday-Expired

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I haven’t screwed up like this in a while. I was happily working away at a scratchboard piece for Illustration Friday when I went and smeared silver ink across the thing. It’s repairable, but at this point, I don’t need to work on it tonight anymore, since the new IF topic is posted tomorrow. Me and my stupid silver ink.