Standing at the Crossroads

Everyone comes to  crossroads in their lifetime.  The points in our lives where we meet with our devil and sell our soul, or part of our soul, and make a decision about which direction to continue on.  No matter what choice you make, there’s something you are leaving behind, a potential that will go unfulfilled.  Maybe that’s the true meaning behind meeting the devil at the crossroads.

I adopted the moniker Old Scratch as the name of my Etsy store: it was a reaction to the unbearable “cuteness” on what at the time seemed the only viable alternative to e-bay for selling my art.  The name has come to mean more than that to me, especially since I seem to always be standing at the crossroads, afraid to venture down any one path.  Maybe, if I stand there long enough, I’ll become the devil, waiting for the next person, waiting to collect what they have to leave behind.

My work is currently sold on Etsy at

All images © Eric Battaglia

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