2011 Plans

I believe in starting each year with a set of plans and goals, not resolutions. Resolutions always make me think of someone resolving to do something radically different from what they’ve done before. It may be a matter of semantics, but focusing on plans and goals, especially if they are a continuation of previous tests seems more logical. It’s easier to use the momentum you have from last year’s accomplishments to make changes and improve your game. Which doesn’t mean you can’t try new things.

This year I plan to:

1. Participate in Illustration Friday more often. I started out last year doing this, and found it a terrific creativity boost.

2. Add some dynamic content to my website at http://oldscratchart.com. There was a little illustrated book I did eight years ago, and I thought it might be nice to have online as a slide show.

3. Begin a new body of artwork, in the direction I’ve been wanting to move for some time now.

4. Narrow my focus for projects.

That last one is the closest to a resolution, in that I am most likely to break it. I can focus for the short term, but let’s see just where I’m at in December.

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