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Citadels burning

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I’m embarking on a new body of work that reflects the growing interest I have in wood-burning without sinking into kitsch.  Most of the pieces I have planned out will be figurative, although I’d like to try experimenting with what wood-burning can do in a more expressive, abstract form.  While the appearance of the medium lends itself to a meticulously realistic approach, the very nature of working with heat and wood allows for accidents that have the potential to be aesthetic works in their own right.  But abstract isn’t generally my thing, so for now I’ll stick with the figurative, such as the recently finished piece I’ve called “Citadels.”

This was done with a combination of pyrography, ink, and guache.


All images © Eric Battaglia 2010

November begins

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I ordered five new basswood boxes, same size and shape as the one I burned the octopus on.  I’m working up some designs for these.  Some ideas are kind of a story told on the box, such as I did with the red-riding hood box I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of.  Some will be more one shot.  Its fun to see how I can work with the box shape and make that a critical part of the design.

The octopus box and some other items, including the Boaraffe,  are currently on display at American Artworks Gallery in Forest Park, IL.  This is a new storefront gallery that just opened last weekend.