Dream sketches

A while back I started sketching my dreams inside a journal I made.  It was a project I’d frequently drop and pick up again, whenever the journal got misplaced and found again.  Recently, I’ve been a little more diligent about it, but my dreams are sticking in my memory less and less, so I’m having to improvise with ‘waking dreams’, or random ideas that demand sketching.  That’s what full-fledged adulthood in the working world does to you.  I once had a long road trip with  the owner of the long-gone Stars Our Destination bookstore, wherein she told me she didn’t bother recording her dreams.  At the time, I was trying to make stories out of the fascinating dreams I’d been having.  I was a connoisseur of short stories, which I’d read especially before bed, at least three at a time, to make my dreams more vivid and bizarre, and a little more story-like.  Yes, you can in fact cultivate the type of dreams you have–but it only works 20% of the time.  Still, that was more material than I knew what to do with.

So, here’s today’s example of what I’ve been putting in the journal:


This is actually a result of my habitual exploitation of our natural tendency to see patterns in random blotches and distributions of marks: I saw this (or something that made me think of it) on the bathroom floor.  And the inspiration was just a bit of stray caulking, not what you’re thinking.


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