“Perfect is the enemy of done.”

Someone needs to tattoo that to my brain. I just got validation on the quality of a print (inkjet, not handmade) of one of my older drawings. And still I feel like I could get such a better quality from other sources–professional photographer, a higher quality printer. I’ve spent years holding back my work and ideas because I never wanted to stumble. So my late-coming new-year’s resolution should be to stumble a lot this year.

One thing I am definitely not going to attempt is a drawing a day, like some artists do, although I like the results of Lawrence Yang’s efforts.  However, I am going to participate in Drawing Day 2009, on June 6.  I just stumbled across this event.  Dropping everything and drawing for its own sake–who’d have thunk it?  I can spend hours online looking at all the art others have done, all the possible ways to market and sell, and then lose all my drawing time for the day and go through my work-a-day grumpy and annoyed.  So its back to work for me.

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