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On Procrastination

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Why is it that when one has three hours a day to do the thing they truly love, they spend two hours of that time doing everything else they hate, like dishes, bills, meaningless puttering around that amounts to nothing?

Not that that’s me, of course.  I’m talking about all you procrastinators out there.  Yeah, you, whittling away a perfectly good Saturday afternoon with bad movies you’ve seen already, then looking at your drafting table/half-finished sculpture/hastily written blob of paragraphs that’s supposed to be a novel, and then going back and reading half a book you know you aren’t actually going to finish anyway.  And now you have only an hour and a half of “you time” left, and you know you aren’t getting anything done with that.  So you take a quick nap.

Bet you’re feeling proud of yourself, now that it’s Monday and yet again, you’re not doing anything but reading this.  How’s that working out for you?  Well, keep it up.  After all, great works always make themselves, in the middle of the afternoon, while you take a nap.

Next project

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I’m working on a giant centipede print.  It will be cut in several different blocks, and printed in slightly differing arrangements over a number of editions.  I’m hoping to find some nice Japanese paper to use for the print, but I may settle for regular old printing paper like the “Pollution” print that I did  a few months back.

Since I’m anxious to start painting again, plus have other projects up my sleeve, this might be the last major printing effort I do for a while.  I’m far better at coming up with ideas than actually seeing them to fruition.  It doesn’t help that I only get maybe two or three free hours a night to work on things like this.  I’m a librarian by profession.

Here are some photos of the sketches, and a cut linoleum piece.

The end.
A sketch example, the centipede head.
The center of the body.