Our Wintery Friend the Wendigo

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A little break turned into a bit of an unexpected hiatus. Here’s something I did at the tail-end of 2012. I’m calling it the Wendigo. The lonely hiker continues on, unaware of his own state of deterioration and the force that haunts him.

I’m working on a new site design. I’m using wordpress.com right now, but since I have a host I’m going to install WordPress there and run this blog right and proper. This changeover will most likely occur either over the summer or in the latter part of 2013, as I would like to take my time and do it right.

Saying No

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A lot of my Facebook friends were posting and reposting an article from the Onion: “Fuck Everything, Nation Reports.” I can understand the despair in this uncharacteristically unfunny article. But I respectfully have to say no.

“Fuck Everything” has been a mantra of my teen years, then seeping into my young adulthood, corroding everything I value and turning every desire to take positive action into a frustrated, impotent rage. No thanks. Not anymore.

With every senseless tragedy that happens I find another piece of my old anger falling away. Why not the opposite? Because I’ve been there, and it leads nowhere. Accepting the fact that tragic, senseless things happen and are part of the human condition is in itself not a negative thing, unless you allow it to progress into despair. Acceptance leads to action. I fear everything, I live in dread of any number of things my imagination can conjure, and my imagination is strong. But I also prepare, I plan, and ultimately, I accept.

So no, I’m not going to say I give up on humanity, or that the world sucks. Because I already knew that the world sucks—in part. I also already knew that the world is a beautiful place, where life returns again and again no matter where it is snuffed out, nor how badly it is crushed. That’s a solid fact, not a sentiment. And I think a little distance will show us that humanity is in fact, decent at the core. Where else do you think your outrage comes from?

Here’s what I will do instead: I will redouble my efforts to be a better person. I will stop the selfishness that’s prevented me from seeing the needs of others, I will stop wallowing in my own misery. I will set aside the petulant “why me” attitude, and recognize the wealth I already have. And then I will share that with others, to the degree that I know how. Because in the face of overwhelming evil, all you can really do is roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Dark Lords, Their Minions, and Frost Breath

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© Eric Battaglia 2012

Here’s a little something else I did last week titled “The Dark Lord Riseth, His Minions Follow.”

By the way, that painting I posted last time now has a title, “Frost Breath,” and is posted for sale on Etsy.

New Corpsepaint Face

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Today I’ll be putting the finishing touches on this corpsepaint face painting. It’s going to be the sixth in the series. I plan to stop at seven. It’s time to move on to some other projects.


© Eric Battaglia 2012

22 Berwyn art show

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Modular22, the art/design hybrid collaborative show is still going on through December 22nd at Studio 22 Berwyn. Saturday’s opening was fun, and it was great to see what the whole thing looked like once it was together. This assemblage of laser-cut panels was the brainchild of Jessica Calek and Dan Streeting, who run 22. If you live near the Berwyn area, you really should put it on your to-do list to pay this gallery a visit.

Photos by Mandy McGee


Modular 22 Opening, Saturday, October 13th

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Saturday opens a unique local show in Berwyn, at a gallery called 22Berwyn, combining architecture, design, and art in a structure of individually painted, interlocking wooden panels. The only restriction on this project was that the art all be in black and white, or shades of grey, and that nothing restricted the panels from fitting together. For that reason, I decided that with my contribution I’d forgo the woodburning and do a black and white acrylic painting.  I’m really excited to see the end results of all this, because there are over 300 great looking panels, and the whole structure once put together should look awesome. The show opens October 13th and runs through December 22nd.

Black Metal Faces

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Over the past seven months I’ve been working on and off on a series of small 6×6 inch deconstructed corpse-paint face paintings, experimenting with variations of  woodburning and painting techniques.  I have five completed so far, I plan to do up to seven. I first debuted these at the Constructor Craft Fair, and I’ll have five of them complete and shown all together on September 15th at the Cigars and Stripes September art show.

I’ve also begun listing them in my Etsy shop. I’ll probably be adding one every few days.